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Asset Management / Playout

Deliver content using a scalable platform that is ideal for private or public cloud infrastructure.

Mediator-X is a cohesive, highly scalable, infrastructure agnostic platform for Media Asset Management, Transmission Playout and Non Linear delivery applications. With over a decade of innovation in its heritage, Mediator-X is an enterprise class platform that can run on private or public cloud infrastructure as well as dedicated hardware. Any particular system can be configured to run just one of the MAM, TX or NLD core functions depending on application needs, however the combination of all three brings powerful efficiencies to media workflows and processes.

Features & Benefits

Media Asset Management

Enterprise grade MAM for mission critical component-based workflows.

Transmission Playout Automation

Integrates a template driven channel branding engine that can reach into the MAM and utilize built-in or custom metadata fields to dynamically populate on-air graphical elements.

Non Linear Distribution

Mediator-X's extensible metadata schema is used to capture a super-set of all business, editorial and technical information to drive delivery to multiple platforms.


Mediator-X's architecture is flexible enough to be run on either hardware or within Private or Public cloud environments.


Our web based interface is easy and simple to learn and can be used on many devices.


Mediator is proven to deliver and is trusted by media companies across the world for their MAM. Linear Playout and Non Linear Delivery applications.

CAPEX & OPEX Effective

Mediator can be deployed to lower your costs in either a CAPEX or OPEX business model.

System Architecture

Mediator-X has been designed for scalability, reliability, availability and security within today's world of modern IT infrastructure. Mediator-X can run on dedicated hardware or within public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Mediator-X uses modern clustered database and messaging services so the core as well as the compute nodes can scale as your business grows. To handle ever expanding meta-data volumes, Mediator-X uses a dual database architecture, allowing for the separation of transactional data from analytical/search data to give optimum performance and rich features for these very different data use cases.

Cloud Ready

Mediator-X has been designed to take advantage of the inherent benefits of virtualization including the ability to spin-up and spin-down particular services to meet workload demands. Within the linear playout space, Mediator-X allows new channels to be configured and launched from within the Mediator-X configuration tool. Also, Render-X transcoders can be automatically launched and shut down to meet fluctuating non-linear distribution workloads.


Overture RT

Render X

Media Asset Management

The Mediator-X platform is a true Enterprise grade MAM used for mission critical workflows within media companies across the globe. It handles all aspects of the workflow from ingest to delivery. Structured and rich technical and business metadata is fully indexed and searchable. Workflows are managed at the component level to allow video, audio, captions etc. to traverse the system independently supporting concepts such as componentized global assets and virtual assets.

Mediator-X has knowledge of every instance of every component in the storage systems so it can deliver components where they're needed, when they're needed. Mediator-X supports both linear automation and nonlinear delivery applications, giving it the ability to prioritize all workflows based on an aggregated view of required "air-date".

Cloud Ready

True multi-site team collaboration can be achieved by having a single unified system. Where a team and equipment is split over two physical sites, a single system cannot be hosted in either location while still achieving high availability. Mediator-X can support a multiple Availability Zone (AZ) architecture and leverage its clustered core architecture to deliver superior availability by distributing nodes within different AZs. In addition to this, some processing nodes can be kept on-premises. This is particularly useful if the primary hi-res storage is still located on-premises.

  • Extensible

    Fully indexed and searchable structured business and technical metadata.

  • Integrated

    Rich library of 3rd party drivers and years of production use with ESBs.

  • Secure

    Restrict users access to tasks and content libraries by account.

  • Expandable

    Expand and grow the size of your deployment without limitation.

  • Componentized

    All workflows and processes take place at the component level.

  • Prioritized Workflows

    Make use of TX or NLD schedules to drive workflows in "on-air" order.

Linear Transmission Playout

Our automation has been built from the ground up for integrated play-out and is relied on by broadcasters around the globe. Powerful integration with our OvertureRT-LIVE allows template driven graphics to reach into the MAM to pull-out built-in or custom metadata and dynamically populate on-air graphics. These sophisticated expressions can be used to promote events in the same schedule or across schedules.

Schedule import and as-run data export in multiple formats is supported. Combining play-out with MAM and NLD in the Mediator-X platform allows you to collect powerful, rich metadata once; drive workflows from schedule times; construct non-linear assets straight out of the linear schedule and much more!

Overture RT LIVE

Cloud Ready

Public cloud on-demand billing is an attractive cost saving model for short-term workloads. Mediator-X, Overture and Cloud Bridge can be used to temporarily spin-up a full transmission chain in the cloud. This avoids having to expand the footprint of on-site hardware, private cloud or near-line storage.

Non-Linear Delivery

Tier-1 content owners are using Mediator's Non Linear Distribution System to take control of their VOD, TVE and other package-based deliveries. Mediator-X's conform and transcode management tools can interact directly with many different transcode engines including our own, Render-X. Packages are described using the same technology as our linear TX meaning you can easily recreate your on-air style.

The extensible metadata system is used to capture a super-set of all business, editorial and technical data required to drive delivery to multiple platforms. This superset approach allows you to easily exploit assets as you on-board new platforms without re-keying.

Render X

Cloud Ready

Non-linear distribution workloads have peaks and troughs of demand. With Mediator-X in the public cloud you can scale up and down your Render-X transcoder fleet to match demand. Mediator-X manages and prioritizes all queues through the workflow and determines the fleet size to meet delivery deadlines. The fleet can be populated with on-demand or spot market instances. By using the spot market, the running cost of the instance can be significantly reduced.

  • Video

    Create your assets in a variety of formats and frame rates.

  • Audio

    Mix, Shuffle, Dolby Encode/Decode, Loudness Correction.

  • Fast

    Perform your transcode and conform jobs up to 8X faster than real time.

  • Graphics

    Insert native Graphics & DVEs; produce Non Linear Assets like your Linear Playout.

  • Efficient

    Enter metadata once and deliver to many platforms.

  • Workflow

    Pass metadata through workflows just like core assets.

Case Studies & Applications

Workflows & Task Packs

Media Asset Management

  • Mediator File Upload Workflow

    Manual/automatic file-based ingest.

  • Mediator VTR Ingest Workflow (inc Spot Check)

    Automated ingest from VTR and/or Flexicart.

  • Mediator Manual and Scheduled Live Record Workflow

    Live record from input lines.

  • Mediator Editor Integration

    Process content to/from 3rd Party Edit Programs.

  • Mediator Compliance Markup Workflow

    Tools to perform Compliance Markup.

  • Mediator Auto QC

    Integrate and manage 3rd party Auto QC tools.

Linear Transmission Playout

  • Playtime Multi-channel Automation

    User interfaces for playout automation including playlists.

  • Playtime Studio Automation

    User interfaces for studio playout automation including playlists.

  • Mediator Subtitle Workflow

    Workflows to manage Subtitle production.

  • Mediator Graphics Management Workflow

    Workflows to manage Graphics production.

  • Mediator Review Markup Workflow

    Edit and review Markers for Automation Events.

  • Multi-Language audio tagging

    Workflows to handle additional language tracks for alternative audio.

Non Linear Distribution

  • Mediator Series Episode and License Approval

    Tools for metadata entry/approval against extended content metadata.

  • Mediator Placing Registration and Publishing Workflow

    Tools for scheduling content for on demand services (placings).

  • Mediator Placing Approval Workflow

    Workflow to approve schedule content to On Demand Services.

  • Media File Re-wrapping Service

    Adds re-wrapping services for specific functions.

  • Mediator Conform and Transcode process

    Workflows for Conform and Transcoding workflow process.

Platform Wide

  • External Authentication (LDAP and HTTP)

    External Authentication Login to Mediator.

  • Mediator Multiple frame-rate support

    Multi Frame Rate MAM, Linear Transmission Playout and Non Linear Distribution.

  • Mediator API Developer membership

    Develop your own applications by interfacing with the Mediator API.

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