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Complete System Control, Orchestration, Monitoring, and Analytics

Bringing to the forefront contextual relevant access in a frictionless way, MAGNUM-OS is a full stack software set that provides a control, orchestration, monitoring and analytics in a single solution. It Bridges all of the major components (whether all-SDI, all-IP or hybrid) within the broadcast path under an enterprise software set of capabilities enabling broadcasters to simplify facility workflow and gain efficiency while reducing operational costs.

  • Scalable

    MAGNUM-OS is designed to scale and grow with the facility. Offering the ability to start small with a basic set capabilities and then grow those functions and capabilities to meet the needs of the facticity as it expands. MAGNUM OS enables services to be distributed or consolidated across nodes in order to access additional resources such as compute, memory, and storage as required in scalable architecture. Providing the control, orchestration, monitoring, and analytics on thousands of devices and multiple systems.

  • Agile

    As facility grow and move to IP, MAGNUM-OS provides the increased agility to grow, manage, monitor, and analyze the ever changing components that are part of this transition and growth. Thereby helping to maximize revenue, lower operational costs, and make sense of system through the growth and transitions.

  • Flexible

    MAGNUM OS, through various applications and services each providing unique functionality, MAGNUM is able to stitch together the required workflows and functions within the every changing broadcast environment.

  • Proven

    MAGNUM is a proven leader in Control / Orchestration / Monitoring and Control applications. With over 1500 global installations, the feature sets of MAGNUM-OS is the solution used by the largest media companies in the world.

  • Reliable

    As the core of the facility, MAGNUM-OS through the use of secure services, highly available architectures, and scalable processes provide the required reliability that is demanded in 24/7/365 operations.

  • Visible

    MAGNUM OS and the tool sets available provides a new and efficient way to manage broadcast media facilities. Creating complete visibility end to end with control and orchestration tied to Monitoring and Analytic capabilities enabled unprecedented contextual wealth of information and data to the operation within the broadcast media facility.

Key Features

Control, Orchestration, Monitoring and Analytics

Control / Orchestration

As the control and orchestration layer of a system, MAGNUM OS through its comprehensive software modules bridges all of the major components (whether all-SDI, all-IP or hybrid) within the broadcast path under a single or distributed point of control enabling broadcasters to simplify facility workflow and gain efficiency while reducing operational costs. As the industry migrates towards an IP-centric facility, MAGNUM OS through its various software modules enables content providers to seamlessly transition from SDI to IP without compromise. As the SDVN orchestration and control layer, MAGNUM OS leverages Evertz and 3rd Party 10/100GE high capacity switch fabrics, media IP gateways, and Evertz traditional SDI products such as EQX 3G/HD/SD-SDI routers to enable broadcasters, content distributors and service providers a flexible, format agnostic and scalable infrastructure for SD, HD, 3G, and Ultra HD (4K and 8K) video. MAGUM OS provides the configuration and management of these systems ranging from single router systems (with 10s of sources / destinations) to large enterprise sized systems (with 10,000s of sources / destinations across multiple systems)

Third-Party Device Support List

MAGNUM-OS Monitoring Dashboard Example
MAGNUM-OS Basic Alarms Dashboard Example
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MAGNUM OS through the MAGNUM-NMS modules is able to provide most comprehensive end-to-end facility and signal monitoring and management system for broadcasters and service providers.

MAGNUM OS enables operators through the Evertz VistaLINK PRO technology to monitor and manage complex systems more effectively than before. MAGNUM OS through the MAGNUM-NMS modules offers a wide range of functionality including web access, fault management, configuration management, alarm/event notification, report and log management, intelligent correlation and root cause analysis, user-defined graphic views/dashboards.

MAGNUM-OS Real-time Performance Dashboard Example
MAGNUM-OS IPX Status Dashboard Example

MAGNUM OS leveraging the Evertz inSITE technology provides operational intelligence for any media organization by collecting, searching, monitoring and analyzing data from any device source in your facility. MAGNUM OS through the MAGNUM-Analytics modules allows broadcast and media organizations to extract and visualize hidden device data like never before. It also uses a wealth of information to improve operational efficiency, support and drive new business decisions and uncover new service offering opportunities.

Throughout broadcast and media enterprises, there is untapped value in the machine data generated by your business infrastructure and applications. Hidden in this data is the Operational Intelligence you require to run and optimize your operations. MAGNUM OS provides custom, documented, industry focused data collectors and APIs for easy integration within media and broadcast environments. Evertz' unique scenario, pattern-matching, machine learning algorithms, notification subsystems and direct integration with its NMS and Control / Orchestration applications, allowing MAGNUM OS through the MAGNUM-Analytics modules to provide a powerful tool sets that extends beyond basic log analysis.

inSITE Performance



Increasingly complex workflows, staffing reductions, as well as size and space constraints are all challenges that media broadcasters face today. At the center of the Evertz Production solution is MAGNUM OS which unifies the Control, Orchestration, Monitoring, and Analytics of all the elements found in production facilities including the key elements of routing, multiviewing and tally.

Master Control

Master Control is the heart of any broadcast facility. Demands for reliability, serviceability and signal protection are essential. MAGNUM OS using Control, Orchestration, Monitoring, and Analytics capabilities unifies these essential devices by providing robust router, multiviewing and tally, and monitoring solutions.


Evertz offers high performance and cost effective solutions that optimize workflow and improve efficiency within the facility. MAGNUM OS using Control, Orchestration, Monitoring, and Analytics capabilities provides a single unified interface for managing, controlling, monitoring, and analizing theses various systems. Whether the requirement is interfacing for routing content, centralizing name management, multiviewers or Intelligent signal pathing, MAGNUM OS is able to simplify the operation.

Outside Broadcast

In challenging, quick turn production environments MAGNUM OS provides a solution for unifying the control of all the elements found in mobile production including routing, multiviewing and tally. Providing a single interface for control and management enables more to be accomplished in less time and effort. A web interface allows changes to be made without being confined to a specific location.

Transmission / Transport

MAGNUM OS simplifies the control of inbound or outbound signal process flow using its Intelligent Signal Pathing engine for automatic conversion. Management and routing of IP/optical resources, such as IP fabric or gateways is also simplified by using the familiar source and destination based architecture.

Ordering Information

Note: Licensed Software keys are required for additional functionality on baseline system.
Baseline System
MAGNUM-OS Base software package for accessing, supporting and managing MAGNUM-OS deployment.
MAGNUM-HW 1RU Enterprise Class Server for MAGNUM-OS Control / Orchestration software modules.
MAGNUM-HW-NMS 1RU Enterprise Class Server for MAGNUM-OS NMS software modules.
MAGNUM-HW-ANALYTICS 1RU Enterprise Class Server for MAGNUM-OS ANALYTICS software modules.