A solution for any need, any signal type, any size

Evertz has the most scalable and versatile multiviewer solutions in the industry, along with the highest quality image on the market, making them the most complete SDI and IP monitoring solutions for stand-alone, enterprise, remote, and cloud application multiviewing applications.

Our solutions offer interoperability for comprehensive control, orchestration, and analysis, transforming your facility into an expandable and flexible workflow that is compatible with both Evertz and third-party control platforms, display layout tools, and broader production and router equipment.


  • Live Production
  • Master Control & Playout
  • OTT Monitoring
  • Transmission & Network Operation Center
  • Headend DTH & Cable
  • Non-Broadcast

FPGA Accelerated Multiviewer Hardware

Utilizing software and FPGA for media processing.

Multiviewer, Gateway, Video / Audio / Ancillary Data Processing Functionality

ev670-X30-HW all-in-one FPGA-based virtualized media processing platform can be configured with applications (apps) to provide a variety of services.


Supports up to 64 x 3G or up to 16 x UHD ST 2110 input signals and up to 8 x 1080p or 2 x UHD outputs over ST 2110
Supports up to 32 x 12G SDI inputs and up to 4 x 1080p or 2 x UHD SDI outputs
Supports up to 32 x 12G SDI inputs and up to 4 x 1080p or 2 x UHD SDI outputs.
Supports high density 16 x 12G-SDI to ST 2110 encapsulation and de-encapsulation


Advanced Multi-Image Display Processors

3067VIP Series supports up to 36 inputs of processing and up to 4 outputs.

Dual output, 16x 12G SDI inputs compact multi-image display processor
JPEG 2000 advanced compact multi-image display processors
Next generation QUAD output, 16 or 32 inputs compact multi-image display processors
Next generation QUAD output, 36 inputs compact multi-image display processors
Dual output, compact multi-image display processor
Quad output, compact multi-image display processor
Advanced multi-image display processors with 10GbE interface

Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System

  • Extensive graphic components
  • Multi-Input format display & monitoring
  • Flexible output options
  • Complete ancillary data monitoring and decode
  • Next generation IP signal monitoring

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Cloud / On-Prem Software Multiviewers

Utilizing X86 Intel-based generic hardware.

  • MViP-ll software is available on Evertz provided X-86 Intel-based generic hardware, and is best suited for OTT monitoring, DTH, IP playout, cable television, or security applications.

  • MViP-II-VM software can be installed on customer provided X-86 Intel-based generic hardware for compressed feed monitoring on-prem or in the cloud.

Compliance and Interoperability

Evertz IP multiviewer solutions support SMPTE ST 2110-10, 20, 30, 40 and ST 2022-6 for a wide range of processing.

They are also fully controlable with Evertz' award-winning MAGNUM Control and Orchestration System, which provides the ability to communitcate and operate with an array of products, like VUE lntelligent Operational Interfaces, VistaLINK® PRO Network Management System (NMS) and inSITE analysis tools, making Evertz multiviewers a perfect solution for remote production and working from home use.

Evertz IP multiviewer solutions are NMOS compliant for third party integration.


Intuitive Content Layout

Evertz offers customers an intuitive web-based layout tool available on all our multiviewer solutions. With a thorough catalogue of templates, widgets, and features for monitoring and processing, programming layouts has never been more user-friendly, making layout changes on the fly simple and easy.

Unified Software

Evertz multiviewer solutions are completely integrated with our unified software stack for central control, including monitoring and analysis, control and orchestration, operational user interfaces, and media asset management and playout.

VUE Intelligent Operational Interfaces provide customizable and intuitive control surfaces, reducing the amount of equipment that is required at an operator station.

Users can configure and manage various setup & monitoring parameters from a central web interface, and update specific multiviewer mnemonics using the Name Application.

In addition, VUE provides work from anywhere capabilities with VUE-ANYWHERE.

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