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Live Media Production

DreamCatcher™ Production Suite

DreamCatcher™ Evertz solution for Production and Video Replay
DC‑200ES Series DreamCatcher™ IP-Based High Bit Rate Content Recorder
DC‑200NZ Series DreamCatcher™ IP-Based Low Bit Rate Content Recorder
DC‑400E Series DreamCatcher™ Replay Server and Production Suite
DC‑LITE‑CLIENT DreamCatcher™ Desktop Logging and Editing Station
DC‑LIVE‑EDIT DreamCatcher™ Integrated Non-Linear Editor
DC‑Media Suite DreamCatcher™ Media Suite
DC‑ONE DreamCatcher™ Replay Server and Production Suite
DC‑PLAYOUT DreamCatcher™ Primary Clip Playback Solution
DC‑VAR 8 or 16 I/O DreamCatcher™ Video Assistant Review Platform
Metadata Copilot Automated Metadata Entry/Ingest, Clipping, Highlight Creation

Studer Audio

Mixing Consoles

Micro Series Production Mixing System for Broadcast and Media Applications
Vista 1 Carbon Broadcast, Live and Production Mixing System
Vista BRAVO Studer 12 Fader Digital Mixing System
Vista V Compact Mixing Console
Vista X Large-scale Mixing Console

Routing and I/O

7800EMR‑ALINK2 Studer A-LINK - Evertz TDM Audio Router module
Compact Stagebox Affordable High Quality And Density
D21m Modular I/O System
D23m High Capacity Modular I/O System

Summing and Processing

Infinity ST Series Studer Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Engine