IP Multiviewers

3067VIP10G‑J2K‑HW JPEG2000 Advanced Compact Multi-Image Display Processor
ev670‑X30‑HW‑V2 Next Generation High Density Media Processing FPGA Accelerated Hardware
MViP‑II IP Based Multi-Image Display & Monitoring Solution


MVP® Evertz 最新的多画面与信号监视解决方案


2430RX‑J2K‑IP Single or Dual JPEG2000 to HDMI Converter with optional Crop/Zoom and Rotate
2430RX2‑10G Uncompressed Video Over IP to HDMI and SDI Converter
2432RX2‑HDMI Dual Path Serial Digital to HDMI converter
2432TX‑2 Dual path dual link DVI to serial converter
7700PTX Universal Protocol Translator for third-party equipment
7760ND‑HD Nielsen Universal Reader
DVI‑EXTND‑SC DVI fiber extension package