Collaborative Production Overview

DreamCatcher™ BRAVO is the latest addition to the DreamCatcher™ Production Suite. BRAVO allows producers to maximize revenues of a live broadcast. BRAVO unifies multiple DreamCatcher™ applications to allow users to produce high quality live content at a lower cost. BRAVO's innovative platform is ideal for entertainment, gaming and sports productions.

BRAVO's flexible user interface uses Evertz' VUE technology to adapt to the type of production and present operators the controls and features needed for each production. With its intuitive interface BRAVO can be tailored for one or two person productions. The easy to use touchscreen control allows the story telling to take priority with the rest of the production tools literally at your fingertips.

Focused Production & Features

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Audio Mixing

Media Player
Slow Motion


Live Logging

  • Live Switching

    Switch between your live cameras monitoring them through BRAVOs built in multiviewer using Evertz VUE technology.

    The easy to use touchscreen interface will allow any level of operator to simply press on the left hand side of an input or source to place that item on preview, while pressing on the right hand side will take you directly onto program for those quick decision moments.

  • Graphics Insertion

    Using BRAVO's built in transcoding engine, operators can import preproduced graphics with key/fill layers and decide which graphical layer they will live on. Multiple key/fill layers will allow for various graphics to be placed on program simultaneously.

  • Audio Mixing

    Create a custom audio mix with BRAVO's internal audio mixer. Shuffle any embedded audio channel from any input to create a custom program mix. Output levels are easily monitored and adjusted on the fly during production.

  • Storyboard

    The storyboard functionality can be added as a second user to pre-produce storylines, packages, show opens or even half time segments prior to the start of a show. These storyboard segments allow operators to play multiple items of pre-produced content together in a row with a press of a single widget.

  • Integrated Media Player

    The integrated media player on BRAVO allows you take your pre-produced content, graphics, music, and clipped content during a show to playback that content easily and quickly.

    Utilizing bins and tags to organize content operators can then place those items in a cue to playback multiple clips in a row (using Storyboard) or single clip playback with the press of a simple widget on their touchscreen.

  • Timeline Record

    A built in EDL timeline allows for recording each and every operator decision throughout an entire show or pre show giving the user the ability to create show fixes and edits seconds after a production ends.

    Live Edit will allow the operator to adjust audio levels, rearrange audio and video tracks, remove and delete content as well as extend that content. With the render free engine your edits can be done within seconds.

    These timelines can be flattened for playback as individual clips within your live production or exported to an external drive for a perfect final product in the format you need.

  • Slow Motion Replay

    Quick slow motion replay functionality can be easily added to the BRAVO interface. For those larger productions, the BRAVO workflow can easily be scaled to support multiple operators with dedicated DreamCatcher™ replay stations.

    Replays and playlists can be sent to a rundown cue for your BRAVO operator to simply roll to replays, push and quickly transition back out to game action when necessary.

  • Clipping

    BRAVO allows for clipping of content off any input coming into the system. Utilize this in your show using storyboard or the integrated media player or simply clip and export content as needed.

  • Live Logging

    Keeping track of your content is easy with the use of a simple meta data / tagging interface allowing the content on BRAVO to be logged, marked and tagged with specific key words and naming conventions making it easier to quickly return to key points in your production. Instantly jump back to the interview in your opening segment of a show or the first goal in a game by utilizing the multi user BRAVO to simply log the content live.

  • Integrated Transcode

    BRAVO's built in transcoding engine will also allow operators to simply plug in a USB drive and import content of multiple different codecs prior to the start of a production. Utilizing a built in bin structure to make their content easily accessible during the show.

    Manage your content in a file structure that make sense to you by creating custom bins names to easily find everything at your fingertips during production.

    Walk away with your complete show or exported content in a specific or multiple codecs using the same transcode engine you did to import all content prior to the show.

  • Program Outputs

    You will get up to two program outputs for all your productions both a "Clean" without graphics and a "Dirty" to include all graphical elements.

  • Social Media

    Stream your program feed straight to social media platforms.

  • Telestration

    Add simple telestration to your highlights for a more in depth review of the action. Using VUE and BRAVO's simple UI, your story tellers can add more to the story producing content with telestration to be played back at any time in your production.

Unmatched User Experience

Powered by DreamCatcher™ Platform: BRAVO will give the same reliable, flexible, scalable, and intuitive user interface that the industry knows for those streamlined collaborative productions.

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Live Graphics
Audio Mixing
Timeline Record
Slow Motion Replay
Live Switching
  • Live Graphics
    1. Watermarks
    2. Lower thirds
    3. Full screen graphics
    4. Multiple transitional wipes with adjustable cut points
    • NDI graphics (BRAVO multi use feature)
    • Four key layers
    • Imported graphics with key/fill
  • Audio Mixing
    • Custom Audio configuration
    • Monitor audio levels
    • Adjust audio levels on the fly
    • Quickly mute or fade in
  • Storyboard
    1. Create show segments/rundowns
    2. Create transitions to/from clipped or imported content
    3. Transition out to live sources
    4. Add music to clipped segments
    5. Add graphics to pre-produced segments
  • Clipping
    1. Access to all inputs
    2. Multiple angle clipping at once
    3. Search by timecode
    4. Metadata/tagging of content
    • Preview/play imported or clipped content
    • Unlimited characters for naming
  • Timeline Record
    • Built in non-linear editor (DC-Live Edit)
    • EDL record of every button press
    • Adjust audio levels
    • Edit graphics
    • Remove or add content
    1. Angle aware for easily changing bad edits
    2. Flatten and export finished product
  • Slow Motion Replay
    • Cueing of multiple angles
    1. Quick cue with specific rewind functions
    2. Simple recue and speed selection
    3. Send to rundown for TD/Director
    • Multi angle scrubbing
    • Replay clipping
  • Live Switching
    • Switch live feeds direct onto program
    • Preview live feeds prior to taking to program
    1. Use a graphical transition with a single button press
    2. Transition between feeds with a cut or dissolve
  • Telestration
    1. Telestrate content for clip playback and highlights

Flexible & Scalable Architecture

DreamCatcher™ BRAVO leverages the patented DreamCatcher™ network architecture to allow for flexibility within your production. As a software client on the DreamCatcher™ Playout node, leveraging the scalability of a DreamCatcher™ cluster, BRAVO has access to all inputs, thus providing a producer unlimited flexibility to handle any size of production.

BRAVO ONE - Single Server
BRAVO - Multi-user

Case Studies & Applications

  • Discovery Purchases Evertz DreamCatcher BRAVO for Cost-Effective Live Production

    Discovery has become the first broadcaster in the world to implement BRAVO, the newest addition to Evertz' DreamCatcher suite of live production tools.


  • Food Network Kitchen Streaming Service Launched Using Collaborative DreamCatcher BRAVO Platform

    By adopting the uniquely collaborative BRAVO system as the production backbone for its high profile, direct-to-consumer streaming service, Food Network Kitchen, Discovery can deliver numerous, complex live shows from many different locations with minimal staff. This has brought a new dimension to Discovery's approach to live programming.




Methods: DIN Connector
3G/HD: 720p 59.94Hz, 720p 50Hz, 1080i 59.94Hz, 1080i 50Hz, 1080p 59.94HZ, 1080p 50Hz
Audio: Up to 16x Channels of embedded audio per input
Methods: DIN Connector
3G/HD: 720p59.94Hz, 720p50Hz, 1080i59.94Hz, 1080i50Hz
Quantity: Up to 2x 3G/HD (Program Outputs)
Audio: Up to 16x Channels of embedded audio per output
Genlock: NTSC/PAL
Connector Type:
1GbE: DreamCatcher™ SFPs, RJ-45
10GbE: DreamCatcher™ SFPs
User Interface: VUE-Configurable UI
Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0
Power Consumption: 950W Max Rated, 800W Nominal
Voltage: AC-100-240V, 47-63Hz
Current: 8-4A
Redundancy: Triple redundant power supplies
EMI/RFI: Complies with FCC part 15 Class A, EU EMC Directive CISPR 22 Class A Digital Device or Peripheral IEC 60950-1:2005+A1+A2

Ordering Information


Model Description
DC-BRAVO-4 4x 3G/HD Inputs with 2x 3G/HD Outputs
DC-BRAVO-6 6x 3G/HD Inputs with 2x 3G/HD Outputs

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