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Flexible Media Edge


SCORPION-2 Media Processing Platform - Miniature Frame
SCORPION-2RU 2RU SCORPION Flexible Media Edge Chassis
SCORPION-4 Media Processing Platform - Standalone Frame
SCORPION-6 Media Processing Platform - Standalone Frame w/ optional low noise fan
SCORPION 18 Series Flexible Media Processing Platform with Onboard 12G Crosspoint and Processing FPGAs


SCORPION Packaged Solutions An overview of the various SCORPION frame form-factors, and pre-packaged solutions for: 12G/3G Processing and Conversion, JPEG-XS Transport, and HEVC/H.264 Transport
SCORPION IPX Series Low Density GbE Aggregation Fabric


MIO-BLADE-Z21 Virtualized MIO Module
MIO-CCE-4K/3G SMPTE ST 2110/4K/3G/HD/SD Closed Caption Encoder with Media-to-IP Streaming
MIO-CCM-4K/3G SMPTE ST 2110 and/or 4K/3G/HD/SD Closed Caption CEA-608 and CEA-708 Monitor
MIO-XPS High VQ Low Latency HEVC Encoder & Decoder
SCORPION-18-PS Series SCORPION-18 Series Power Supply Options
SCORPION Compatible QSFP / SFP Modules Electrical and Optical SFP and QSFP interfaces for use in SCORPION chassis
SCORPION MIO Modules Miniature input and output modules for video, HDMI, audio, data, and Ethernet signals in the SCORPION platform