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Miniature L-Band/Wideband Fiber Optic Receiver

The 2307LR is a fiber optic receiver in a revolutionary form factor. With the same diameter as a BNC connector, and overall length of 3.3" (85mm), the 2307LR is the smallest RF optical receiver in the industry. It accepts an optical LC connector input on one end, and provides an electrical output on the other.

The 2307LR attaches to the input of a device without any intermediate cabling required. This essentially offers direct optical input to the connected piece of equipment, without incurring the cost and rack space associated with using conventional optical receivers. The primary application is in providing direct optical inputs to XRF series routers, without requiring external fiber receiver cards.

The 2307LR receives its power from the same connector that attaches to the input of the companion device, therefore the 2307LR may also be interfaced to any device that provides LNB voltage at its RF input connector. For example, when connected to a 7703DA16-RF-LNB, a fiber receiver with 16 electrical outputs is created. A 2307LR connected to the input of a 7703PA-LNB results in a fiber receiver with a high-powered output and adjustable slope compensation. The 2307LR may also be connected to the DC-biased inputs of devices such as IRD's, facilitating direct optical input via high-performance optical infrastructure.


  • Compact, efficient form factor provides fiber receiver functionality in zero rack space
  • Provides high-quality, direct optical input to XRF series routers and other devices with DC biased RF input ports
  • Wide frequency range for L-Band, over-the-air DTV and other applications
  • Tri-color LED optical input strength indicator
  • Efficient design featuring high reliability and low power consumption
  • Protocol independent - passes any modulation format
  • Minimizes the use of coax in the infrastructure, providing the highest possible quality signals over longer distances and without high-frequency rolloff
  • Compatible with Evertz 2408LT, 7708LT and 7807LT-2 series fiber transmitters Applications
  • Direct optical inputs to XRF routers
  • Direct optical inputs to IRD's and other devices with LNB bias
  • Distribution amplifiers with optical input
  • Line amps/slope compensators with optical input


RF Outputs

输出数量 1
端口数目 BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
I/O Impedance 75Ω, 50Ω optional
Frequency Range 40MHz to 3GHz
反射损失 120MHz to 2.3GHz > 15dB
2.3GHz to 3GHz > 12dB
Output IP3 +40dBm
Link Gain -6dB at 0dBm optical input, and 0dB gain at the fiber transmitter


输入数量 1
端口数目 Female LC/UPC
Operating Wavelength 1270nm-1610nm
Max Input Power +3dBm
光敏感度 -14dBm @ 35dB C/N on a 36MHz carrier

DC Input

电压 13V DC nominal, range 9 – 21V DC
端口数目 BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A (same connector as RF output)
功率 < 1 Watt


尺寸 3.3" long x 0.57" dia.
(84mm long x 15mm dia.)


2307LR Miniature L-Band/Wideband Fiber Receiver
2307LR-B50 Miniature L-band/Wideband fiber receiver. BNC 50Ω Connector