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The 3067VIP10G offers multiview functionality with up to 32 inputs of processing and up to 2 output, all via 10G streaming physical interfaces. The 3067VIP10GJ2K-HW displays inputs at any size, aspect ratio and position. 3067VIP10GJ2K-HW device accepts JPEG2000 encoded inputs as sources; and encodes the mosaic output as a JPEG2000 signal over IP.

The 3067VIP10G-J2K-HW provides the best quality input reproduction employing the latest in video processing technology developed by Evertz. The 3067VIP10G-J2K-HW is a hot-swappable device which can be populated in an Evertz EMX6-FR, EMX3-FR, or EMX1-FR frame with an option for redundant power supplies.

The 3067VIP10G is VistaLINK enabled, offering remote monitoring, control and configuration capabilities via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

The 3067VIP10G is easily configurable via a web server interface. Layout creation can be performed in a live control environment using Evertz VUE software.

The 3067VIP10G is built on top of the industry leading 7867VIP product line and inherits key features such automatic aspect ratio adjustment per source, graticule generation, audio monitoring with level bar display, signal fault monitoring and under monitoring display.

Used in conjunction with the 3000REM-TX9 and 3080IPX, the 3067VIP10GJ2K-HW integrates into a very flexible infrastructure to harness the many advantages provided by high bandwidth 10GE connectivity.


  • Support up to 32 JPEG2000 encoded input sources
  • Support up to 2 JEG2000 encoded mosaic output
  • Uses Evertz next generation image processing technology present on other conversion products
  • Output display resolutions of up to WUXGA (1920x1200) possible
  • Full screen view of any input on an output
  • Provides support for dynamic under monitor displays and tallies from routers and switchers
  • Built-in AVM-Lite monitoring functionality
  • Application specific customizable feature sets available as software options
  • Minimal processing delay
  • Real time control of display outputs via VUE software, and integration with VistaLINK PRO, Magnum, VUE, and Mediator-X software suites.

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FormatJPEG2000 over 10GE
FormatJPEG2000 over 10GE
Resolution Supported1080p/59.94, 1080p/50, 720p/59.94 and 720p/50.
Number of Connectors4
Connector TypeFemale LC/UPC
Genlock Input
TypeNTSC/PAL color black
Level1V p-p nominal
ConnectorUses frame Genlock BNC
Voltage+12V DC
Power115 watts
EMI/EFIComplies with FCC Part 15, Class A
EU EMC Directive
Number of Slots2

Ordering Information

3067VIP10G-J2K-HWJPEG2000 Multi-Image Display processor hardware
Ordering Options
Input & Output Options
+32x1Single JPEG 2000 encoded mosaic output, 32 JPEG 2000 encoded inputs
+32x2Dual JPEG 2000 encoded mosaic outputs, 32 JPEG 2000 encoded inputs. Maximum of 16 images per display
+24x1Single JPEG 2000 encoded mosaic output, 24 JPEG 2000 encoded inputs
+24x2Dual JPEG 2000 encoded mosaic outputs, 24 JPEG 2000 encoded inputs. Maximum of 12 images per display
+16x1Single JPEG 2000 encoded mosaic output, 16 JPEG 2000 encoded inputs
+16x2Dual JPEG 2000 encoded mosaic outputs, 16 JPEG 2000 encoded inputs. Maximum of 8 images per display
+12x1Single JPEG 2000 encoded mosaic output, 12 JPEG 2000 encoded inputs
Monitoring Options
+SMAudio level, fault monitoring and Under monitoring display
+MCRDolby E monitoring, Loudness monitoring, CC/Teletext decode