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3405FRM-BNC, 3405FRM-DIN

Miniature Fiber Optic SFP BNC/DIN Frame

The Evertz 3405FRM is a miniature optical conversion platform. The 3505FRM can accommodate one of any Evertz 3405 series SFP, allowing the use of optical transmit, receive, regenerator or electrical distribution amplifier or changeover SFP's. Benefits of fiber optics for video transport include longer attainable distances, smaller/lighter cabling, reduced cable tray loads and electrical isolation. The 3405FRM provides an extremely compact, low-overhead means for simple electrical/optical conversion for interfacility transport, as well as overcoming the limitations imposed by coaxial cable in intra-facility applications.

3405 series SFP's are able to handle ASI, SDI, HD-SDI and 3G digital video signals, as well as other signal rates up to 3 Gig on non-reclocked versions (e.g. MADI). The SFP modules are hot-swappable, allowing for quick servicing or easy reconfiguration or expansion at any time.

See Evertz list of available optical and coaxial 3405 Series SPF modules.


  • Versatile, miniature "throwdown" type enclosure can be used for low-signal count permanent or ad-hoc applications.
  • "Keyhole" and zip-tie mounting provisions.
  • Any 3405SFP types may be installed, including optical transmit, receive, regenerator and electrical distribution amplifier and changeover switches.
  • Quad electrical connectors per SFP facilitates extra electrical distribution
  • The 3405FRM-BNC provides two coaxial connections, while the 3405FRMDIN provides four connections on DIN1.0/2.3 connectors for additional signal distribution.



Density Single SFP

Electrical Inputs

3405FRM-BNC BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
3405FRM-DIN 1.0/2.3 Female connector
阻抗 75Ω


尺寸 1.03"H x 1.43"W x 2.37"D
Module Capacity 1 Evertz SFP modules. Dual TX or Dual RX
Operating Temp 0-40°C


Power Supply Configuration Single external supply (VSHEG42-120300-7)
电压 DC Input 12V DC (external power supplies required for 110-220V)
Max Power Consumption 2 watts (fully loaded frame)
Note: power consumption dependent on SFP type


Safety CSA Listed, Complies with EU Safety Directive
EMC Complies with FCC part 15, Class A
Complies with EU EMC Directives

VSHEG42-120300-7 External Power Supply Brick

AC Mains Input Auto ranging, 100 ⇔ 240V AC, 50/60Hz
输出数量 1
Output Voltage 12V DC
Output Connector Coaxial power connector
Maximum Power Dissipation 36 watts
Status Indicators Green OK LED
功率 Coaxial power connector
Status Indicators PSU status LEDs
Fuses 0.5A, time delay


注意 SFP's sold separately, please specify at the time of ordering.
3405FRM-BNC Miniature Fiber Optic SFP BNC frame (does not include SFP's)
3405FRM-DIN Miniature Fiber Optic SFP DIN frame (does not include SFP's)

Evertz SFP Modules

3405 Coaxial Coaxial Distribution Amplifier and Auto-Changeover SFP's
3405 Optical Optical Transmitter, Receiver and Regenerator SFP's