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Advanced System Control Panel

The CP-1024E is an XY Control Panel with 24 illuminated push buttons and three display windows which are used for source, destination and level information. The unit also has 5 scroll knobs used for scrolling through lists and configuration options.

The CP-1024E is programmable and therefore the operation of the panel is entirely dependent upon its configuration. It can be configured in a number of different ways including XY (using scroll lists) and multi-destination. Each button can be individually configured for any combination of source, destination, breakaway, prefix, salvo or control functions.

The physical button layout of the CP-1024E guides its configuration but does not restrict it. For example the left hand block of 4 buttons can be programmed as Take, Clear, Backspace, and Destination Mode or simply as four prefix buttons. On the right side a number of these buttons can also be used for Prefixes, numbers etc. or other functions such as level selection, lock etc.

The CP-1024E is an advanced panel that allows you to create a powerful and simple interface for operation. It is ideal for applications where a 1RU panel designed with an LCD screen is required based on number of sources, destinations, levels to control etc. This makes it perfect in many different environments including Production and Engineering areas, etc. The CP-1024E requires the MAGNUM Router Control System.


  • Flexible feature or menu driven configurations providing quick and simple access
  • Easily reconfigured from MAGNUM Router Control System for regularly changing environments
  • Each LCD display features a 32x24 dot matrix capable of supporting three rows of five character text
  • Fully programmable button operation from MAGNUM Router Control System
  • LOCK button can be assigned to protect against unauthorized or accidental selection



Joystick Parallel contact closure TTL levels, D9 male
Ethernet 10/100 base TRJ45 connector


电压 Autoranging 100V - 240V AC, 50/60Hz
or 12V DC, 3A
功率 40 瓦
Fuse Rating 250V, 1A, time delay


Height 1.75" (45mm) 1RU standard rack height
Width 19" (483mm) rack mount
Depth 3.5" (89mm) not including connectors
双通道 3lbs (1.36kg)
Operating Temperature 0-40°C


Safety ETL Listed, complies with EU safety directives
EMI/RFI Complies with FCC Part 15 Class A regulations
Complies with EU EMC directive


CP-1024E Remote Control Panel, 1RU 24 Button


+2PS Redundant Power Supply