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High Capacity Modular I/O System

D23m is Studer's next generation I/O-system especially developed for the Infinity Series large scale mixing consoles, but operates also with SCore Live based Vista mixing systems.

With increasing demands for higher channel counts and the introduction of Studer's A-Link interface and Infinity Core there was a need for an improved and more powerful I/O-system.

D23m serves as a scalable, modular I/O frame providing cost-effective inputs and outputs with maximum flexibility, maintaining the well-known Studer sound quality.


  • A new backplane and new host card enables the transfer of a significant higher channel count between a D23m frame, Infinity Core and a Studer Vista console.
  • New D23m-only I/O cards feature higher channel counts.
  • Ethernet or IP based audio cards will take advantage of access to Ethernet, which is distributed over the backplane.
  • A new power supply combining primary and secondary supply improves reliability.
  • D23m is the same dimensions as its predecessor the D21m frame.
  • A variety of different I/O modules can be plugged into one frame, providing I/O systems that covers a large range of customer needs.
  • D23m is backwards compatible to all existing D21m I/O cards but offers as well the new platform for the next generation of Studer I/O cards covering new technologies, new interfaces or higher capacities.
  • Optical-fibre links (SFP modules) allow connections to multiple locations, up to several kilometres away.