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Tally Software Module

MAGNUM TALLY is a software module that unifies configuration and management of tally state and status from discrete devices. MAGNUM provides a central location for configuring, managing, and viewing tally setups for interfacing to switchers, discrete GPIOs, Multiviewers, routers, and IMD devices. This module allows users to create, save, and recall various tally configuration for an event, centrally managing and providing simple interfacing to Evertz routers and multiviewers, thereby reducing the amount of time to configure a system.


  • Virtual Tally Pin Grid allowing for easy operation control and mapping of sources of tally and destinations for tally
  • Supports multiple tally states, Red, Green, Amber, etc
  • Supports multiple Virtual GPIs
  • Visual indication of trigger status and behaviors
  • Manual override of trigger status and behaviors
  • Save and recall of different Tally configurations
  • Full signal pathing and targeted tally of specific points within the signal path
  • Integrated native support of Evertz multiviewers
  • Support for 3rd Party IMDs and UMDs (Contact Factory)
  • Interfacing via Ethernet / Serial to all major switchers and routers using 7700PTX and 7700R-SC-BRC product family (Contact Factory)
  • Interfacing via Ethernet to external GPIOs using TR-3200E

Tally Control System Overview


MAGNUM-TALLY Software Tally module for MAGNUM control system for gathering tally from production and master control switchers for Program / Preview / Contribution Tally / GPI / GPO. Requires either MAGNUM-HW or other certified 3rd party computer server hardware (HP DL360 G5/G6/G7)
MAGNUM-TALLY-R Redundant software module for MAGNUM-TALLY. Requires licensed MAGNUM-TALLY and either MAGNUM-HW or other certified 3rd party computer server hardware (HP DL360 G5/G6/G7)