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IntelliGain® - Audio Loudness Logging

The Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act has come into effect and Evertz' award winning IntelliGain loudness control product coupled with the VLPRO-IG logging tool are already here to solve your audio issues as well as log and provide real-time and archived report generation data. IntelliGain effectively and affordable applies professional real-time loudness control in accordance with the ITU-R BS. 1770 specification to any digital broadcast.

Audio Loudness problems are nothing new. For years broadcasters have had the challenge of providing audio and video content to their target audience while minimizing complaints about the drastic variations in audio loudness between program and commercial. Evertz' IntelliGain offers a solution to this problem and the VLPRO-IG tool provides the logging and report generation necessary to show compliance.

The VLPRO-IG tool allows broadcasters using Evertz Loudness Monitoring products to log, archive and report on digital broadcast audio level data information.

The FCC has been tasked to police the average loudness over time to confirm that the facilities loudness responsibilities are met. This is where accurate records management becomes a crucial part of the entire system. Every facility should consider the ability to log and track all audio levels over time with the ability to data mine the necessary information to prove compliancy. This is where the VLPRO-IG logging option ties the whole system together. This solution provides a central location to configure, store and analyze all signal metrics including loudness throughout the plant. At anytime an operator, engineer or supervisor can access the system and extract the necessary logs to prove compliancy.

The VLPRO-IG tool allows easy setup of audio channel loudness monitoring using the in program wizards and setup dialogs. The VLPRO-IG tool makes logging and data capture for compliance report generation a simple and easy process.



  • Log Evertz IntelliGain audio level data
  • Compatible with all Evertz IntelliGain and Audio Loudness monitoring devices
  • Customizable plotting and data archiving
  • Plot visual histograms of audio level information
  • Archive and store audio level information
  • Automatic, periodic data archive system stores valuable data
  • Real-time and archive report generation saves tools
  • Supports the archiving of up to eight programs at one time
  • IntelliGain

  • Consistent audio loudness levels within a channel and/or program
  • Automatic detection and level adjust for loud commercials
  • Gain control within a program interval to preserve audio dynamic range
  • Artifact-free transitions between program and commercials
  • Elimination of drastic volume changes during commercials and interstitials
  • Fully integrated Dynamic Range Processor
  • Ideal for aggregator applications and multi-channel playout facilities

Feature Overview

  • Graphical Histograms

  • Graphically plot audio program level data in near real-time
  • Customizable graphical plot views
  • Manage multiple audio program plots in one application
  • Easily spot "out of threshold" audio level occurrences
  • Data Storage and Archiving

  • Customizable data archiving and storage features
  • Customize data storage frequency and structure
  • Simple flat file log storage for easy data retrieval
  • Export and Report Generation Features

  • Easily export live real-time graphical data
  • Easily export select period from archive file store
  • Generate custom reports for specific time ranges
  • Data stored in simple CSV format and accessible for 3rd part report generation tools
  • Standalone Applications

  • Easy to use standalone software application
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Integrated with Evertz VistaLINK PRO NMS Software


VLPRO-IG Standalone IntelliGain Monitoring and Graphing Software Application (Supports up to 8 programs)

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