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Compression System Manager

VistaLINK® Compression System Manager (CSM) is a complete compression network provisioning, monitoring and management solution for configuring Evertz full range of head end and broadcast digital video compression products. VistaLINK® CSM provides a service oriented view of the network coupled with a rich toolset in order to provide easy and intuitive management of compressed digital audio video services and networks.

VistaLINK® CSM management software provides a graphical user interface for building and managing encoder and transcoder networks. The client software offers easy to use tools for creating network topologies, building service channel lineups, provisioning services through network elements as well as monitoring the health of the hardware elements, configured services and overall network.

VistaLINK® CSM extends and includes Evertz industry proven VistaLINK® PRO NMS monitoring, alarming and logging functions to provide a complete interface for not only configuration but also maintaining and managing faults on small to enterprise level compression networks.

VistaLINK® CSM utilizes a client/server architecture to provide a scalable management system allowing multiple operators simultaneous access to compression network configuration and monitoring interfaces. VistaLINK® CSM improves upon traditional provisioning methods by allowing detailed and customizable control of all device setup parameters and service configuration. VistaLINK® CSM offers multi-step provisioning and activation routines allowing operators to easily bring digital services online as well as quickly apply service lineup changes and reconfiguration.

VistaLINK® CSM provides complete handling of all redundancy configuration and activation, including simple wizards for establishing standard 1+1, N+1 and N+M redundancy schemes. VistaLINK® CSM monitors all service path elements, detects failures and automatically reconfigures devices and redundant components. VistaLINK® CSM also manages redundancy source switching. All of these features combine to provide robust failover management which assists in maintaining high service availability and reducing overall outage times due to failures.



  • Network element topology mapping from input to output
  • Service oriented system views provide meaningful channel path information
  • Standard and customized redundancy configuration handling
  • Simple service lineup creation, provisioning and activation
  • SNMP, TCP/IP, XML, and GPI/O device interfacing
  • Full device alarming reporting and logging
  • Offline service lineup configuration editor
  • Support for all Evertz routers and matrix switches
  • Redundant server option for high availability, 24/7 operations
  • Automatic discovery of network elements
  • External SNMP / XML Soap interfaces for OSS/BSS system interfacing
  • Full support for Evertz extensive line of H.264, MPEG2 and J2K compression products
  • Supports standalone and modular encoding platforms for both encoder and chassis level redundancy
  • 3rd party vendor hardware support



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