Optical Power Budget Calculator

Given an optical transmitter and receiver set, the most important question concerning a system designer or integrator is the maximum implementable link length.

To use the Optical Power Budget Calculator select a launch power and receiver sensitivity, then enter values for other required information (Link Length, Number of Patch Points, etc.)

Also try the Fiber Optic Product Selector Guide.

Transmission / Reception
Description: Transmitter: Optical Output Power
Standard 1310nm FP
How do I find a transmitter's optical output power?
  Receiver: Optical Sensitivity
How do I find a receiver's optical sensitivity?
Maximum Allowable Loss: dBm
Signal Loss
Valid for single-mode applications only. For multi-mode applications, please contact the factory.

Fiber Loss

Link Length: km   X   ( dB/km )[1]

Patch Point Connector Loss

Patch Points:   X   0.5 dB / Patch-Point

Passive Device Attenuation


Safety Margin

Recommended minimum of 2dB
          Total System Loss dB
Reserve Sensitivity[2] dB
  1. Attenuation over Corning SMF 28 Single Mode Fiber
  2. Reserve sensitivity should ideally be > 3dB. Less conservative safety factors may be acceptable as per the system engineer.