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JPEG2000 to HDMI Converter

The 2430RX-J2K-IP is a versatile JPEG2000 to HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort processing converter. The 2430RX-J2K-IP is used in applications where delivery of J2K encoded video is to be displayed on a DVI/HDMI monitor.

This self contained module accepts JPEG2000 over IP streaming inputs. It decodes, processes, color corrects and converts the output to a DVI/HDMI signal. With integrated auto scaling the 2430RX-J2K-IP device can drive resolutions up to WUXGA (1920x1200).


  • Full 422 10bit pixel input resolution
  • Full 24 bit RGB output pixel resolution
  • Color correction
  • Ideal for use with high resolution LCD, plasma and projection screens
  • Auto rescaling
  • Superior digital data transmission
  • Compact form factor with optional VESA mount brackets
  • Analog audio outputs supported
  • In band control supported



格式 JPEG2000
输入数量 2
端口数目 Female LC/UPC


输出数量 1 (2430RX-J2K-IP)
Connector Type HDMI
Supported Resolutions 525, 624, 720p 59.94/5Hz, 1080p 59.94/50Hz and VESA up to WUXGA (1920x1200)


输出数量 2
标准 525, 625, 720p 59.94/50Hz, 1080p59.94/50Hz
端口数目 BNC per IEC 60 169-8 Amendment 2

Audio output

输出数量 3
Connector Type 3.5mm stereo female jack


电压 12V DC, Auto ranging 100-240V AC 50/60Hz adapter included
功率 33 watts


尺寸 8.13"L x 9.28"W x 1.75" H


Electrical Safety Power supply UL listed
Complies with CE Low voltage Directive
EMI/RFI Complies with FCC Part 15, Class A EU EMC directive


2430RX-J2K-IP Single JPEG2000 to HDMI Converter
2430RX-J2K-IP-EFX Single JPEG2000 to HDMI Converter with Crop/Zoom and Rotate


-VPGC Color correction


SFPTR-RJ45-SGM-AV SFP Copper Transceiver, 1Gbs, 100m
SFP1G-TR85 SFP Optical Transceiver, 1.25Gbs, 850nm, MMF, 550m
SFP1G-TR13 SFP Optical Transceiver, 1.25Gbs, 1310nm, SMF, 20km