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Dual 10 Gig Optical to Optical Wavelength Shifter/Regenerator/Transponder

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The 7708OO-2-10G is an optical to optical wavelength shifter/regenerator/transponder for 10 Gig Ethernet telecom/datacom signals. The card provides a high-density solution for dual regenerator paths in a single slot card. Utilizing compact SFP+ optical technology, wavelengths and laser/receiver types can be selected to satisfy many applications and easily reconfigured for different system requirements over time.


  • Provides clock and data recovery for 10 Gig Ethernet signals
  • Dual regeneration paths on a single-slot card provide a high-density solution
  • Economical means to provide wavelength shifting for 10 Gig signals for inclusion into CWDM and DWDM multiplexing systems
  • Economical means to provide signal regeneration or increased laser power and receiver sensitivity to extend signals over long distances
  • Modular SFP+ optics provide for simple configuration and reconfiguration to accommodate the requirements of different optical infrastructures or transport applications
  • Provides an ideal demarcation and point of monitoring between internal facility infrastructure and external transport links
  • ITU G694.2, 8 channel CWDM spectrum available (1470-1610nm)
  • ITU G694.1, 40 channel C-Band DWDM spectrum available (ch. 20-59)
  • Fully hot-swappable from the front of the frame without decabling at the rear
  • Comprehensive signal and card status monitoring via four digit card edge display or remotely through SNMP and VistaLINK®
  • VistaLINK® capable for remote monitoring via SNMP (using VistaLINK® PRO) when installed in 7800FR frame with a 7800FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller

SFP Modules

SFP ModelWavelengthOptical Output PowerReceiver SensitivityNominal Recieved WavelengthMax DistanceFiber Type

* On 2000MHz/km MMF, consult Evertz for max distance on other multimode fiber types
**70km for 1590nm and 1610nm wavelengths



Optical Input/Output

Number 4 SFP+ cages (one input/output per SFP+)
Connector Type LC/UPC, two simplex or one duplex per SFP+
Rates 10 Gig Ethernet


电压 +12V DC
功率 6 watts


插槽数 1


Laser Safety Class 1 laser product, complies with 24CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11, IEC 60825-1
EMI/RFI Complies with FCC regulations for class A devices
Complies with EU EMC directive


7708OO-2-10G Dual optical to optical wavelength shifter/regenerator/transponder for 10 Gig Ethernet signals (SFP+ optics not included), VistaLINK®


注意 Rear plate must be specified at time of order - eg: [model]+3RU
Rear Plate Suffix
+3RU 3RU rear plate for use with 350FR, 7800FR or 7801FR Multiframes


350FR Portable Multiframe which holds 7 single slot modules
7800FR 3RU Multiframe which holds 15 single slot modules
7801FR 1RU Multiframe which holds up to 4 single slot or 2 dual slot modules

SFP+ Options

SFP10G-TR13-J SFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbps, 1310nm, SMF, 10km
SFP10G-TR85-J SFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbps, 850nm, MMF, 300m
SFP10G-TR15S SFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbps, 1550nm, SMF, 40km
SFP10G-TR15H SFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbps, 1550nm, SMF, 80km
CWDM & DWDM (Ordering Information)
注意 1470, 1490, 1510, 1530, 1570, 1590 and 1610nm CWDM wavelengths available
SFP10G-TRCxxH SFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbs, CWDM, SMF, 70/80Km
SFP10G-TRDxxxH SFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbs, DWDM, SMF, 80Km (Contact Factory for Wavelength Availability)