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DreamCatcher™ DC-LIVE-EDIT

Integrated Non-Linear Editor

The DreamCatcher™ LIVE EDIT software includes the most utilized features on any non-linear editor from an intuitive interface that is integrated directly into the DreamCatcher™ live production environment.

The DC-LIVE-EDIT software provides instant editing capabilities without the need to transfer content to an edit station. The integrated live editor eliminates render times by accessing live content directly using the RENDER-FREE engine. Familiar keyboard shortcuts provide a tool that any craft editor can master quickly.

By utilizing the DreamCatcher™ cluster and integrated transcoding engine, DC-LIVE-EDIT will provide immediate access to any content live or archived. In addition, the integrated live environment is ANGLE-AWARE for simple post-edit angle swaps.

DC-LIVE-EDIT provides editors with a platform that will showcase their talents and distribute their stories without delay. No other system combines the best attributes of a traditional non-linear editor with the immediacy of the live production environment!


  • An intuitive touch interface for simple control
  • Distributed 10GbE architecture
  • Integrated access to live content over a distributed network
  • Simple post-edit angle swaps with the ANGLE-AWARE feature
  • Multi-layer audio/video editing
  • Per-channel audio gain controls
  • Individual audio channel editing
  • Audio mute controls
  • Film effects and video manipulation
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts for a familiar control
  • Drag-and-drop controls for easy content addition
  • Instant package publishing with the RENDER-FREE engine
  • Transcoding to all major codecs for package exports
  • Automatic transcoding for clip imports
  • One-button access from a standard DreamCatcher™ replay interface
  • Optional add-on to any DreamCatcher™ system


+DC-LE DreamCatcher™ Non-Linear Software