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EQX26 - 576x576

Enterprise Hybrid Video / Audio / IP Router in 26RU

The EQX26 routing platform is a completely passive frame where all active components can be swapped. This makes it a high performance system that can be easily expanded to incorporate new technologies growing with your company needs and industry demands. EQX26 can be configured for many different environments; it supports 576x576 video IO with optional path-by-path redundancy, and it can even scale to 576x1152 video in a single frame. EQX26 can be further expanded using a multi-frame configuration supporting unblocking architecture with main and redundant inter-frame paths. The EQX26-FRHBX-XL2 provides additional outputs via 18x XLINK connections for penalty-free multiviewing, well suited for network and local broadcasters, mobile production, mobile flight packs, cable, military, government and corporate applications.

The EQX platform is Evertz' flagship routing and distribution solution, designed for high availability by adopting extensive industry-leading redundancy for all critical system elements. With its time-proven robustness and redundancy, the EQX is ideal for mission critical and demanding 24/7 environments.

High Performance, Format Agnostic Platform

    • SDI coax or optic signals and IP video SMPTE ST 2022-6 and ST 2110
    • audio embedding and de-embedding, frame sync and other processing
  • Input/output asymmetrical expansion in steps of 18
  • Up to 18x X-LINK (576 monitoring outputs)
  • Source-by-source intelligent auto-configuration:
    • input equalization (on/off)
    • output reclocking (on/off)
    • ASI 177 flag (on/off)
    • switch point (pre-defined or fully variable)

Advanced System Control & Interfacing

  • Main/redundant Ethernet for control
  • 4x serial RS-422/232 for control
  • Q-Link port for local emergency control panels
  • Full VistaLINK® PRO command and control, supporting SNMP, AVM processing controls
    • can be configured on separate main and redundant Ethernet ports
  • Syslog for additional log for third-party and inSITE big data analytics
  • Network hardening control for additional security
  • MAGNUM unified control system
    • VUE user interface
    • virtual and physical router control panels

High Availability, 24/7 Design

  • Fully passive frame that is modular by design
  • All modules are hot-swappable
  • Path-by-path crosspoint redundancy
  • Dual hot redundant frame controller
  • Load-sharing redundant power supply (separate 1RU)
  • Front hot-swappable cooling fans
  • Comprehensive system monitoring bus
  • VistaLINK® PRO SNMP:
    • AVM monitoring of I/O and crosspoint modules
    • temperature and fan monitoring
    • power supply monitoring


Video Inputs

Formats SMPTE ST 259M, ST 292M, ST 310M, ST 424M, ST 2082, ASI, 10/25/100GbE
信号电平 800mV p-p
阻抗 75Ω terminating
反射损失 > 15dB typical (5 – 1500MHz);
> 10dB typical (1.5 – 3GHz)
Cable Equalization Belden 1694A @ 270MHz 300m to 500m;
Belden 1694A @ 1.5GHz 100m to 200m;
Belden 1694A @ 3GHz 90m to 150m

Video Outputs

Signals Supported SMPTE ST 259M, ST 292M, ST 310M, ST 424M, ST 2082, ASI, 10/25/100GbE
Reclocking Configurable
Non-Reclocking Configurable
阻抗 75Ω terminating
反射损失 > 15dB typical (5 – 1500MHz);
> 10dB typical (1.5 – 3GHz)
直流偏置 0 ±0.5V
Output Jitter 0.2UI

Reference Timing

Switching Ref. Analog 525/625/tri-level HD looping connections
端口数目 2x BNC IEC 61169.8 Annex A
信号电平 1V p-p ±3dB
阻抗 75Ω terminating (active loop out optional)
Reference Timing 4 independent timing planes, programmable output by output


Q-Link 4x 75Ω video cable for local emergency CP only
Serial RS-422/232 4x D9 female
Ethernet 10/100baseT, 4x RJ-45

Physical Dimensions

EQX26 19" W x 45.5" H x 19.4" D
(483 x 1156 x 493mm)
Safety TUV Listed to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 62368-1:2014, ANSI/UL 62368-1:2014, EN 62368-1:2014 + A11:2017, IEC 62368-1:2014; CISPR 22:2008/EN55022:2010 (Class A) & CISPR 24:2010/EN55024:2010; IEC 60950-1:2005 (2nd Ed.) + Am 1:2009; CAN/CSA C22.2 No.60950-1/A1:2011, UL 60950-1/R:2011-12


电压 Auto ranging 100-240V 50/60Hz; up to 4x load sharing PS modules in 1RU frame, separate main input for each module or external 48V DC
功率 1300 watts per PS module, 2100 watts for a green 26RU populated as a 576x576
Redundancy Separate 1RU frame with up to 4 PS modules for 1:1 redundancy available

Ordering Information

PKG-EQX-26HBX-2FC-2XPT Package for a single EQX 26RU system. This package includes an EQX26-FRHBX-XL2, 2x EQX-FC controllers, and 2x 576x576 crosspoints.


EQX26-FRHBX-XL2 26RU EQX Frame using EQX-FAN-HBX modules and has 2 banks of XLINK (18 total XLINK). Includes Frame/MI and 10 fan bins. No power supplies, no I/O cards, no XPT, no FC.
EQX-FC Redundant frame controller
EQX-PS-C Next-generation high-efficiency Power Supply Module to be used only in the EQX-PS-FR-C. Not compatible with other EQX power trays.
EQX-PS-FR-C Next-generation high-efficiency EQX power supply tray, includes blue Anderson power 48V connector for EQX & EQXUHD frames supporting new EQX-PS-C, no power switch is used with this tray... NOT compatible with old EQX-PS.
EQX-XPTG-576x288 576x288 EQX crosspoint with new "EQX Green initiative" platform utilizing significantly less power and cooling than existing EQX-XPT-576x288A crosspoint.
EQX-XPTG-576x576 576x576 EQX crosspoint with new "EQX Green initiative" platform utilizing significantly less power and cooling than existing EQX-XPT-576x576A crosspoint.
+MON Rear monitor module option for the EQX16/EQX26 frames