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NEXX - 5RU Frame

Compact Processing Capable Routing Platform

Blurring the line between products, the Evertz NEXX Router, can fit into your solution. This multifaceted compact processing router has the potential to do SDI and IP coupled with mono channel audio shuffling. A modular solution that can conform.

Robust by design, NEXX takes many cues from Evertz' years of industry leading routing platforms. With the NEXX-IO-C1 module providing 32 x 32 HDBNC SDI, bi-directional SFPs for discrete MADI or TDM, frame sync, and four standard MVs. NEXX-670 brings 4 QSFP ports contributing the best IPG and Multiviewer that Evertz has to offer. All possible in a compact 5RU module router frame.

Licensable features to buy what you need now and future proof by adapting to your next project. A configuration suited for upgrading the production from SDI to IP, 1080p to single wire 12G, or something in between. Unlock Frame sync, UHD, Multiviewers, and more as desired.

NEXX proudly uses our MAGNUM control system providing traditional control panel coupled with MAGNUM-TALLY and VUE for advanced local or remote context oriented user interfaces.

Being a passive main interface/backplane and modular by design, NEXX provides a sturdy path to integrate future technology, protecting your investment and ensuring this platform can continue to grow as your needs arise.

Features & Benefits

  • Frame

  • Fully modular router
  • Support for SD/HD/3G/6G/12G data rates
  • 270Mb ASI support for routing
  • Support for mixed concurrent data rates
  • Independent audio crosspoint allowing native audio shuffling
  • Compact 5RU frame including cooling and power supplies
  • Hot-swappable crosspoints, fan trays, PSUs and modules
  • Control is made simple with MAGNUM Unified Control System
  • NEXX-IO-C1

  • 32x HDBNC inputs by 32x HDBNC outputs
  • 2x2 MADI or (1x1 MADI and 1x1 TDM)
  • 3G frame sync on all 32x inputs or UHD/12G frame sync on 16x inputs
  • Gear boxing: quad 1080p to single essence 12G & single essence 12G to quad 1080p
  • 4x standard multiviewers

5RU Frame

  • 12x I/O slots
  • Mix and match any module in any slot location
  • Load distributing power supplies
  • Auto-detecting supplied voltage
  • Front to left side cooling
  • Hot-swappable fan trays and power supplies

Hybrid Crosspoint

  • Front accessible module
  • Hot-swappable card that retains routes even when replaced with a shelf spare
  • Separate video and audio crosspoints enabling audio shuffling anywhere on the frame
  • Supporting over 10Kx10K channels of mono audio
  • Upholds quality with true 12G traces through the video crosspoint without losing I/O
  • Main and redundant control SFP ports
  • Supports Reference of Pal and or NTSC

SDI Module

  • 32x32 HDBNC ports
  • Gear boxing: quad 1080p to single essence 12G & single essence 12G to quad 1080p
  • 1x SFP for TDM
  • 1x SFP for MADI
  • Support fiber or coax SFPs
  • Frame sync on all 3G inputs or frame sync on 16x UHD inputs
  • 4x standard multiviewers

Standard Edition Multiviewers
  • Individually licensed multiviewers
  • Four 16x1 multiviewers on each module
  • Supports SD, HD, 3G, 12G inputs on each PIP simultaneously
  • Output is a 1080i or 1080p mosaic (50 or 59.94)
  • Static and dynamic UMDs with Image Video and TSL UMDv5
  • 时间码
  • Visual audio bars
  • Ability to place the UMD and audio bars inside or outside active video
  • 41 fixed layouts

Need a more feature-rich multiviewer output on some or all of your monitors? Mix and match standard and advanced multiviewers with our X30 module, the NEXX-670.

Fully Populated NEXX 5RU with 12x SDI Module Capabilities

  • 384x384 embedded 12G inputs
  • 384x384 3G frame sync or 192x 12G frame sync*
  • 12 x 12 TDM & 12 x 12 MADI
  • Or 24 x 24 MADI
  • 48x standard multiviewers

*3G and 12G frame sync can be configured per group of 8 inputs and mixed on the same module.


Video I/O

  • SD-SDI (270MB/s), SMPTE 259M-C
  • ASI (270MB/s), DVB-ASI
  • HD-SDI (1.485GB/s), SMPTE 292M
  • 3G-SDI (2.970GB/s), SMPTE 424M
  • 6G-SDI (5.940GB/s), SMPTE ST 2081
  • 12G-SDI (11.88GB/s), SMPTE ST 2082

Audio I/O per I/O Module

Number of TDM/MADI 2x2
Number of Audio Channels
TDM Supports 512
MADI Supports 64
Per Video 16

Redundancy & Protection

  • Passive main interface/backplane
  • Redundant control
  • Redundant power supply
  • Swappable hybrid crosspoint
  • Swappable fan tray module

Frame Ethernet Interface

  • 4x RJ-45, control and monitoring

Protocol for Third-Party Control

  • Quartz
  • Image Video
  • TSL UMDv5

Reference Timing

Switching Reference Analog 525/625
信号电平 1V p-p ±3dB
阻抗 75Ω


Height 8.75" (22.22cm) 5RU
Width 19" (48.3cm) rack mount
Depth 24" (600mm)* to 44.3" (1125mm)


电压 Auto-ranging, 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Per Module 1300 watts @ 100V AC, 1350 watts @ 110V AC, 1600 watts @ 230V AC

Ordering Information

NEXX-5-32x32-PKG1 NEXX 5 RU base package 1 includes a 5RU frame with long ears for a front recessed mounted frame capable of supporting 12 IO slots. Populated with one front-accessible video routing XPT engine, redundant control, and a single 32x32 IO module for video/audio routing.
NEXX-5-32x32-PKG2 NEXX 5 RU base package 2 includes a 5RU frame with short ears for a front flush mount frame capable of supporting 12 IO slots. Populated with one front-accessible video routing XPT engine, redundant control, and a single 32x32 IO module for video/audio routing.

Module Ordering Options

NEXX-IO-C1 NEXX high-density FPGA accelerated IO processing hardware with HDBNC connectors, additional NEXX-IO feature keys required
NEXX-670 NEXX high-density FPGA accelerated IO processing card that is 670-X30-HW-v2 based hardware with 4xQSFP ports for IP and an additional 8xHDBNC output ports(future) that fits into one slot on any NEXX frame. This is only hardware, additional applications / feature keys are required.
NEXX-PS1 PS brick for NEXX 5RU and 3RU frames
NEXX-XC1 NEXX high-density front-accessible video and audio XPT routing engine that can be used in the NEXX 5RU and 3RU frames

License Ordering Options for NEXX IO

NEXX-IO-FK-32x32 Licence Key to enable 32x32 3G SDI on one NEXX-IO module
NEXX-IO-FK-FSE Licence Key to enable Frame Sync on one NEXX-IO module, supporting 32x3G paths and up to 16xUHD +8x3G signals with the NEXX-IO-FK-UHD.
NEXX-IO-FK-UHD Licence Key to enable 12G-SDI for single wire support for one NEXX IO module. NEXX-IO-C1 can support up to 32x32-UHD or 24x24-4K +8x8-2K
NEXX-IO-FK-MV1 Licence Key to enable one MV display on a NEXX IO module, each MV supports up to 16 gridbased windows, with audio, UMD, and tally support. Each NEXX-IO-C1 module can support up to 4 MV display License keys

MAGNUM License Options

MAGNUM-SK-NEXX Magnum software key to add support for a single fully populated NEXX Router frame. This key supports one MAGNUM cluster.

SFP Options

SFPTR-M-DIN SFP coaxial transceiver for signals up to 3 Gig, MSA pinout, mini DIN connectors
5050474 SFP Module - Multi Mode -1310nm - LC -155Mbps (for MADI)