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Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System

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A single MVP® system can expand from 8 inputs with a single output, to as large as 1000+ inputs to more than 50 displays.

The MVP® revolutionizes the multi-display marketplace with a highly flexible, intuitive and simple yet comprehensive approach to virtual wall monitor applications. The possibility of displaying any input signal to any output monitor can now be realized without the need for DAs or upstream monitor routers.


MVP® Display

Key Features and Benefits

  • Highest quality video images - single pass processing
  • Hardware based - no PC on board, no hard-drive
  • RTOS - Real-Time Operating System
  • Not a frame limited architecture - PLink™ interconnects and Ethernet control; does not exhibit PCI bandwidth limitations
  • Expandable - frame not limited to a maximum number of inputs per system - cumulative bandwidth
  • True hot-swappable, front-access input, output modules and PSU
  • Fast power cycle recovery (15s)
  • Redundancy options for mission critical operations
  • Fiber output option - single fiber (single or Multi-Mode) up to 10km support
  • HD/SD serial output option
  • "Out of the box" implementation - set-up is quick and easy
  • 9:16 output aspect ratio support (WARP™)
  • Flexible - usually 2-3 solutions from the same system with options for future growth
  • User-friendly GUI - drag & drop control, fast preset recall and off-line development; real time display layout control
  • Consolidated - scaling, signal sniffing (fault monitoring), routing and fan-out of inputs
  • Supports many output display destinations
  • Eliminates the need for a preview/monitor router to support multiple inputs to multiple displays
  • Show multiple copies of the same BNC input across displays
  • Monitor everything - View by Exception with VistaLINK® and display video inputs only when faults are detected through built-in signal monitoring

Extensive Graphic Components

  • On-screen time of day clocks (analog and digital with external LTC reference and configurable offsets) and date display
  • Up & down timers
  • User-definable labels
  • Dynamic UMDs & tally from routers and switchers
  • Safe area markers
  • Graphics logos and background


  • Broadcast Facility Master Control
  • Satellite Uplink/Downlink
  • Cable Head End & IPTV Head End
  • Production
  • OB Vans
  • Video Walls
  • NOC Control Rooms
  • Surveillance Security Information Displays
  • Traffic & Transportation Applications
  • Gaming & Entertainment

Multi-Input Format Display & Monitoring

  • Auto-sensing HD/SD/Analog video input on the same BNC
  • 525i/625i
  • 1080i/60, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50
  • 1080p/60, 1080p/59.94, 1080p/50
  • 1080p/24sF, 1080p/23.98sF
  • 720p/60, 720p/59.94, 720p/50
  • 480p/60, 480p/59.94
  • HDMI (with HDCP)
  • IP/ASI (MPEG-2, H.264)

Flexible Output Options

  • XGA (1024x768)
  • WARP (768x1280)
  • SXGA (1280x1024)
  • 720p (1280x720)
  • WARP 2 (768x1366)
  • SXGA+ (1400x1050)
  • 480p (720x480)
  • WXGA (1280x768)
  • UXGA (1600x1200)
  • 576p (720x576)
  • WXGA 2 (1366x768)
  • HD (1920x1080)
  • WUXGA (1920x1200)

Complete Ancillary Data Monitoring & Decode

  • XDS
  • HD & SD VITC/信号源
  • WSS/AFD adjust/display
  • Detect Encoded Audio (AC3/Dolby E)
  • EIA-608 - SD Captions
  • EIA-708 - HD Captions
  • WST - World Standard Teletext
  • Source standard
  • Decode/Display Dolby E Metadata
  • Monitor Dolby E Levels
  • Nielsen Display (AMOL/NAES)
  • OP47
  • Decode/Display Dolby E Audio Data (OV-3G-8DEM)
  • SCTE104 monitoring
  • Subtitles

Next Generation IP Signal Monitoring

  • MPEG-2 TS UDP/RTP (multicast or unicast)
  • MPEG-2 TS over TCP
  • RTMP (Flash)
  • HTTP
  • HLS (Apple)
  • MMSH
  • MMST
  • VNC


Maestro™ II

  • Intuitive & user-friendly Maestro™ software is provided for real-time or offline display layout configurations
  • Simple drag & drop interface allows for quick layout design
  • You can trigger on-screen graphics, swap video windows and enable tallys through configuration control


VUE is a user customizable graphical application that visually unifies the MAGNUM control experience.

  • Provides flexible and reliable control across all areas of broadcast operations from one user-friendly, touch screen interface
  • Improves productivity and cost efficiency by enabling a single operator to manage an entire broadcasting infrastructure and operation, from content creation to distribution
  • Provides integrated control of routing systems, multi-viewers, branding engines, master control, terminal equipment, and much more
  • Using VUE's built-in widget layout and configuration engine enables users to create a customized workspace


  • True "Complete Solution" control panel
  • Preview layout on panel before recall
  • Enables on-screen keyboard and mouse control
  • Window source re-assignment
  • Window select for audio monitoring

Signal Monitoring

Seeing is believing, but with so many video, audio and data details to look for, it's nice to know that user-configurable faults are detected and displayed by the MVP® and can be further reported to and recorded by VistaLINK® PRO. Along with VistaLINK®, Evertz provides the most comprehensive signal monitoring and image display solution.

Status Monitoring & Fault Trigger Parameters

  • Loss of video
  • Active picture levels
  • EDH errors
  • Frozen or black video
  • Motion detection
  • Video format detection
  • Loss of audio channels
  • Mono audio detection
  • Phase reversal
  • Audio too loud or too quiet
  • Loss of closed captioning
  • Loss of closed cap waveform
  • Loss of program rating
  • 信号源 missing
  • VITC missing
  • Macro block detection (hardware specific)
  • Loss of Nielsen data
  • Loudness

Production / Mobile Truck

Head-End Monitoring

  • Perfect solution for all head-end facilities, including IPTV, CABLE and SAT
  • Monitor everything, view by exception
  • Integrated signal monitoring
  • 100% SNMP reporting and configuration

System Specifications

  • Auto-detecting video inputs

  • Analog Video
    • NTSC/PAL
  • Digital Video
    • SD-SDI (SMPTE ST 259-C)
    • HD-SDI (SMPTE ST 292, 1.5Gb/s)
    • 3Gb/s (SMPTE ST 424)
    • Built-in embedded audio extraction
    • HDMI (with HDCP)
  • HD Formats
    • 1080i/60, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 1080p/60, 1080p/50, 1080p/24sF, 1080p/23.98sF, 720p/60, 720p/59.94, 480p/60, 480p/59.94
  • 3G Formats
    • 1080p/60, 1080p/59.94, 1080p/50
  • IP (MPEG-2, H.264)
    • MPEG-2 TS UDP/RTP (multicast or unicast), MPEG-2 TS over TCP, RTMP (Flash), HTTP, HLS (Apple), MMSH, MMST, VNC
  • Computer Graphic Video Inputs

  • Two or four input module
  • From 640x480 (VGA) to 1900x1200 (WUXGA) resolution
  • DVI or 15-pin D-sub via adapter
  • Audio

  • 平衡/非平衡 AES
  • 平衡 analog stereo
  • On-screen display of level and phase bars
  • Audio monitoring output, 2 groups (AES/EBU)
  • Frame

  • 6RU, 15-module agnostic slots
  • Rack mountable
  • Front access
  • Dual redundant PSU, hot-swappable
  • AUX Inputs/Outputs

  • Up to 64 GPI inputs and 44 GPO outputs
  • LTC for clock/timer reference
  • RS-232/422 serial interface
  • Configuration Control

  • Maestro™ graphic interface for design & control
  • DCP desktop control panel via Ethernet
  • VUE
  • CP-2116E & CP-2232E
  • Electrical

  • Dual redundant power supplies with separate AC inlets
  • Auto-ranging voltage, 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Maximum power dissipation: 625W per frame
  • Typical power dissipation: 350W, 8A
  • 同步锁相

  • Separate NTSC (SMPTE ST 170) and PAL (ITU624-4), color black via BNC
  • Front Panel Indicators

  • PSU status LED and local error/failure LED
  • Tally Output (GROC)

  • 4-pin terminal, relay N/O, N/C for status/fault alarm
  • Video Outputs

  • Single, dual and multiple output support for XGA up to HD resolution
  • DVI-I connector, BNC and/or fiber interfaces (module dependent)


注意 New Download a MVP® Order Form and email to Evertz Sales ( to help expedite your MVP system quotation

With the MVP®, there are many different possible I/O combinations including dual, quad and octo-output display solutions along with redundancy to meet your multi-signal monitoring & display needs. For systems that exceed the standard package input counts, please contact your Evertz MVP® specialist to discuss your options.


3000MVP-HDMI8-AC3 HDMI with HDCP decryption and AC3 decoding monitoring input solution for the MVP® System
MVP-DEC32-4-IP Flexible bulk IP MPEG decoding/monitoring input solution for the MVP® System
3000MVP-GI Dual (2) or Quad (4) computer video inputs per input module
3000MVP-AI Monitor up to 4 analog pairs or 4 AES/EBU audio channels per video input
3000BHP-U 1RU breakout bulkhead panel to support unbalanced AES/EBU digital audio
3000BHP-BAL 2RU breakout bulkhead panel to support either balanced stereo analog inputs or balanced AES/EBU audio
3000BHP-AUX Breakout bulkhead panel for GPI/O, LTC input, and serial communications
7700PTX-MVP Protocol Translator: Connect multiple serial input devices to the MVP®
3000MKT-AUX Rackmount panel for AUX breakout board
2430GDAC GLink™ to DVI converter
2430GDAC-WARP GLink™ to DVI converter, with 90° display rotation support
3000DCP Allows you to change your display's presets from a selection of possibilities
CP-2232E Advanced System Control Panel
2431RX-2 Dual Path Serial Digital to DVI Converter
VUE Customizable Graphical User Interface used to control broadcast operations