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Evertz' 3000DVM EFX Digital Video Mosaic Processor offers a new dimension in video wall construction. The 3000DVM processor supports any size walls with the ability to mix and match display sizes in the same wall. The 3000DVM allows the displays to be mounted at any rotation angle up to full 360° of rotation. With the ability to support live sources and display them seamlessly across any size and dimension display wall surface, the 3000DVM offers a new way to capture the attention of the audience.

Example of a 10 display asymmetrical wall showcasing a variety of sizes and rotation angles.

The 3000DVM Digital Video Mosaic provides up to 18 live inputs and can display them across an asymmetrical video wall surface constructed from its 18 outputs. For video walls that exceed a single 3000DVM card, multiple units can be stacked together to build a video display wall of an unlimited size. Multiple smaller video walls can be supported and managed from a single 3000DVM processor, where all sources can be shared on any display surface.

The 3000DVM takes full advantage of the advanced scaling technology developed for Evertz award winning multi-image display product lines. With support for 2K and 4K resolution inputs, the 3000DVM offers the most visually impactful experience. The 3000DVM fits in a modular card frame with dual power supplies and offers hot swapability. The 3000DVM is a solid state device with real time OS, allowing for 24 hour a day, seven day a week operation with zero maintenance. Designed to exceed reliability requirements, the 3000DVM boasts a 100,000 MTBF number.

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  • Solution for any size asymmetrical multi-display video wall layouts
  • Each output can support any rotation angle, from 1 to 360°
  • Supports a mix of display sizes
  • Mullion removal compensation
  • Display a single input across all outputs (1 to all or 1 to 1)
  • 9 or 18 serial digital inputs and outputs (up to 3Gbps each)
  • Input formats: SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 2K and 4K
  • Output formats: DVI / HDMI / Display Port via 2430RX-2-DVM
  • DVI/HDMI/RGB, Analog composite/component inputs (requires conversion)
  • Simple, intuitive, and touch friendly control software included
  • Thumbnails generated by hardware and sent to software for easy source identification
  • Advanced effects, such as fades, wipes, and other transitions between layouts or sources are possible
  • Third party control supported; AMX & Crestron
  • Production switcher control interface

Sample Applications

VUE EFX Software for DVM


Serial Video Inputs
Standard3Gbps (SMPTE 424M), HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M), SD-SDI (SMPTE259M-C)
Number of Inputs9 (3000DVM-9x9) or 18 (3000DVM-18x18)
ConnectorMini DIN 1.0/2.3
EqualizationAutomatic to 100m (Belden 1694A)
Return Loss> 15dB up to 270MB/s
Input Impedance75Ω
Computer Video Input
StandardVESA/DVI **requires external conversion
External Conversion7767RGBT-VIP-3G
Number of Inputs9 (3000DVM-9x9) or 18 (3000DVM-18x18)
ConnectorMini DIN 1.0/2.3
Input Resolution1024x768 (XGA) to 1920x1200 (WUXGA)
Composite Analog Video Inputs
StandardNTSC (SMPTE 170M), PAL (ITU624-4) **requires external conversion
External Conversion7837CD2
Number of Inputs9 (3000DVM-9x9) or 18 (3000DVM-18x18)
ConnectorMini DIN 1.0/2.3
Signal Level1V nominal
DC Offset0V ±0.1V
Input Impedance75Ω
Return Loss40dB up to 5MHz
Component Analog Video Inputs
StandardYPbPr or RGB: SMPTE/EBU N10, NTSC related **requires external conversion
External Conversion7730ADC
Number of Inputs9 (3000DVM-9x9) or 18 (3000DVM-18x18)
ConnectorMini DIN 1.0/2.3
Signal Level1V nominal
DC Offset0V ±0.1V
Input Impedance75Ω
Return Loss> 30dB up to 30MHz
Serial Video Output
StandardEvertz Proprietary 3Gbps serial digital video
Number of Outputs9 (3000DVM-9x9) or 18 (3000DVM-18x18)
ConnectorMini DIN 1.0/2.3
Signal Level800mV nominal
DC Offset0V ±0.5V
Rise and Fall Time
HD200ps nominal
SD740ps nominal
Overshoot< 10% of amplitude
Display Video Output
StandardVESA (DVI-D) **requires external conversion
External Conversion2431RX-2-DVM
Number of Outputs9 / 18 @ up to 1920x1200
ConnectorYPrPb/RGB or 0.7V p-p VGA, 60Hz refresh
Network TypeFast Ethernet 100 Base-TX 1EEE 802.3U standard for 100Mbps base band CSMA/CD local area network
ConnectorRJ-45 x2
Voltage+12V DC
Power100 watts
SafetyEMI/RFI: Complies with FCC Part 15, Class A, EU EMC Directive

Ordering Information

3000DVM-9x9EFX Digital Video Mosaic, 9 inputs to 9 outputs, 2 slots
3000DVM-18x18EFX Digital Video Mosaic, 18 inputs to 18 outputs, 2 slots
2430RX-2-DVMDVM Dual Path Serial Digital to DVI Converter
Ordering Options
NotesRear plate must be specified at time of order - eg: [model]+3RU
Rear Plate Suffix
+6RU6RU rear plate for use in 6RU slots
EMX6-FR6RU EMX Router frame which holds 15 single slot modules
EMX3-FR3RU EMX Router frame which holds 5 single slot modules