Encoders / Transcoders

570ASI‑X19 Bulk IP/ASI Media Processor
570FEC‑HW‑X19 Bulk 10GE FEC Encode/Decode with Support for SMPTE2022-7 Hitless Switching
570ITXE‑HW‑P60 IP On Ramp Gateway
570J2K‑HW‑X19 Multi-Channel J2K Encoder / Decoder
570REM‑RX8‑10GE 8x J2K Decoders driving 2x UHD or 8x 3G SDI Inputs, 4x 10GbE SFP Cages
570REM‑TX8‑10GE 8x J2K Encoders and SMPTE ST 2110 Encapsulation Paths driven by 2x UHD or 8x 3G SDI Inputs, 6x 10GbE SFP Cages


7780D4A‑ASI Quad ASI TDM-Demux
7780M4‑ASI Quad ASI TDM-Mux
7881MUX‑LITE‑IP Modular IP Multiplexer
9780MUX‑IPGE‑ASI Compact IP/ASI Transport Stream Multiplexer
MUXIP‑10GE 2RU High Density IP Re/De-Multiplexer


160RM Remote Monitoring & Streaming Solution
570ACO‑X19‑10G Automatic Change Over with Audio / Video Monitoring
3067VIP10G‑J2K‑HW JPEG2000 Advanced Compact Multi-Image Display Processor
7881TSM‑IP Modular IP Transport Stream Monitor
MViP‑II IP Based Multi-Image Display & Monitoring Solution
TSMIP‑10GE IP Transport Stream Monitor
VistaLINK® CSM Compression System Manager
VistaLINK® IRM Intelligent Resource Management (IRM) Software Solution
VLPRO‑IG Standalone IntelliGain Monitoring and Graphing Software Application


3480TXE‑ATSC Software Defined Accelerated Encoding Platform