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Anton Bauer Quad Battery Holder

The MBL-IRCBH+AB is the ideal accessory for providing portable power for In-field and ENG type applications for use with Evertz 350FR frames. The MBL-IRCBH+AB uses Anton Bauer 14.4 volt batteries and allows seamless battery changes, continuously powering the Evertz frames. It is especially valuable in circumstances where 77xx series modules need to be in continuous operation for long periods of time or for high power consuming.

The 350FR frames can be operated for as long a period as necessary, substituting fresh batteries for depleted ones without interrupting operation. (as batteries are depleted, unit automatically draws from the second bank)

NOTE: Must be used with Anton/Bauer 14.4 volt batteries. Unit does NOT charge batteries. Batteries Not Included



尺寸 12.3 x 4.6 x 2.6'' (31.37cm x 11.81cm x 6.73cm)
双通道 2 lbs. (0.92kg)


Power connections Three 4 pin XLR outputs @ 14.4 volts
Single 2-pin Amphenol output @ 28.8 volts
Current rating Up to 10 amps
Fuse 10 amp externally replaceable fuse


MBL-IRCBH+AB Anton Bauer Quad Battery Holder